Wage & Hour News

Ninth Circuit Denies Petition to Review Decision on Tip Pools

On September 6, a divided federal appeals court denied a petition to reconsider a decision by one of its panels on ORLA's ongoing appeal on tip pooling.

Restrictive scheduling will be a predictable disaster

This new scheduling law is a solution in search of a problem, and its impact on those it professes to help will be far worse than any perceived ills its proponents suggest need fixing.

Overtime FAQ: hospitality managers

DOL answers questions regards to unique benefits the hospitality industry offers managers.

Minimum wage rule making overreaches

BOLI's draft rules are problematic for small employers, especially those with employees working / delivering in multiple destinations.

Retirement savings plan obligations

A bill was passed that called for the establishment of a state-sponsored retirement savings plan that provides employees with automatic enrollment.

Tip pooling options for restaurateurs

Following the recent ruling on tip pools, ORLA shares recommended options for Oregon operators.

Oregon's minimum wage hikes will create wage inequities

ORLA continues to urge lawmakers to consider tip credit as a solution to wage inequity with minimum wage hikes and getting the industry involved in discussions.

Coalition responds to new minimum wage legislation

Defend Oregon Jobs Coalition responds to Governor's plan, saying that mandating the highest minimum wage in the nation is not going to end poverty in Oregon.

Update on tip pooling in Oregon

The Ninth Circuit court reversed its reversed its ruling, concluding that the DOL has the authority to prohibit tip pools.

ORLA President & CEO responds to minimum wage bill passing

Jason Brandt, ORLA President & CEO, spoke about the minimum wage hike and it’s impact on the industry during a live radio show February 18 with Rep. David Gomberg.

Oregon House passes minimum wage hike despite strong opposition

The House passed a massive minimum wage hike today that will kill an estimated 66,100 jobs over the next seven years.

Small business groups launch campaign against wage hike

ORLA joined a coalition of small business groups to target swing district legislators to oppose the minimum wage increase as a job-killing, service-threatening plan.

Governor's minimum wage proposal would bring job losses

ORLA fervently opposes minimum wage proposal without tip credit provision. A $13.50 statewide minimum wage with a higher rate in Portland results in a minimum of 55,000 job losses.

ORLA to Legislators: Tip credit must be part of the plan

Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association educates Legislators on why a tip credit is good for Oregon (pdf).

FLSA proposes overtime rule changes

After more than a year of deliberation, the Department of Labor (DOL) released a 295-page proposal to rewrite federal overtime laws guaranteeing overtime pay to salaried employees who earn less than $50,440.

Are automatic gratuities considered tips?

The IRS’ revised Ruling 2012-18 draws a sharper distinction between tips and service charges. Businesses need to comply with previous guidance on the proper treatment of tips and service charges.

Fighting for tip pooling

Tip Pooling has become a legal spiderweb, given the complicated state-by-state variations. In a recent move to further clarify the law, restaurant industry trade associations have filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) on behalf of restaurants and restaurant employees who share in tips and participate in tip pools.

Waiving meal periods law protected

Federal Law allows for shortened or flexible break times as long as the employee is compensated for any breaks that are not at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted work time. This is an important issue concerning our industry, as the main objective of the server is to earn tips and not the hourly wage they are paid.

Minimum wage has been a priority issue for ORLA for many years as we continue to debate how lawmakers approach the issue. Read ORLA's position on the minimum wage issue.