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Marijuana in your facility

Due to the legalization of the use and sale of marijuana in Oregon, many lodging operators and owners have raised questions as to their rights and obligations to either allow or prohibit such use in their hotel and motel rooms.

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Marijuana in Oregon: Steps for employers to take

Employers should revisit their personnel policies and drug testing programs, revise them if needed, and communicate with their employees about the impact of this initiative on their workplace.

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Webinar: Marijuana and other substances in the workplace

Marijuana isn’t the only drug (legal or illegal) that you may be concerned about in your workplace. This webinar examines what types of testing are permitted for marijuana and other substances, and how to effectively communicate your workplace drug and alcohol policies to your employees.

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Creating new challenges for OLCC licensees

The laws and rules legalizing recreational marijuana (RM) have created some additional challenges for OLCC licensees with regard to their customers and activities on their licensed premises.

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OLCC Happy Hour Advertising Guidelines

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission provides specific guidelines about what is and is not allowed for “Happy Hour” with respect to advertising, signage, pricing, etc. outside an establishment.

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