Oregon's Legislature Worked for the Industry

Oregon's 2015 legislative session is just around the corner and ORLA's government affairs team will be in Salem daily, representing the interests of the hospitality industry. During the last session, ORLA was involved in passing and blocking key legislation for the industry. Read more in the 2013 Legislative Session Report online.

Advocacy: We're On Your Side

ORLA's government affairs team is dedicated to promoting and protecting the food service and lodging industries of Oregon. By advocating for public policies that sustain our industry, and by working on behalf of local businesses, we are the voice of hospitality at the local, state and national levels.

Through ORLAPAC, our political action committee, we promote the election of public officials who support and understand the positive impact our industry has on Oregon's economy.

Whether you're concerned about taxes, minimum wage, tourism promotion dollars, lottery commission rates, or healthcare, rest assured that the ORLA government affairs team is on your side. We're fighting discriminatory taxes aimed only at the hospitality industry and working to stop legislation that burdens restaurant and hotel operations.

Additionally, we strive to inform our members and industry partners on what's happening in Salem – including how and when to contact legislators, and how legislation affects their business and the industry. Through advocacy and leadership, we are committed to providing a strong voice for the Oregon restaurant and lodging industry.

How You Can Get Involved

There are a number of ways you can help your business and your industry by being an advocate alongside ORLA. Here are some avenues where you can help make a difference:

• Learn more about key restaurant and lodging issues and tell ORLA what issues affect your business most; read the latest issue of the Confidential Bulletin (pdf). 
• Meet your state legislators and invite them to visit your business or host a coffee get-together in your neighborhood for your state legislator.
• Attend a city council meeting or town hall sponsored by a local policymaker.
• Alert local media about what matters to you and your business
• Offer to be a resource to media and policymakers on subjects such as hospitality, food service, lodging, etc.
• Contribute to ORLAPAC.
• Attend ORLA events; you’ll gain strength in the political process and in business by networking with fellow industry members.
• Join ORLA to stay informed and support both local and statewide advocacy that will benefit your business!

For more information about ORLA's Government Affairs team and industry positions contact Glenda Hamstreet at 503.682.4422