You Can Make a Difference

Invest in the future of your business with a contribution to the Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association's Political Action Committee (ORLAPAC). These funds are dedicated to helping elect candidates to office who will work to support the growth of Oregon's hospitality industry.

But we can't do it without your support. The majority of ORLAPAC's donors are small businesses and individuals who give $50 or $100 every year because a strong ORLAPAC is critical to defend tourism funding, pushing key legislation in Salem and fighting meals taxes at the local level.

Non-partisan and business minded

ORLAPAC is an entirely non-partisan PAC and only gives to legislators who have supported the industry's legislation in Salem and to challengers whose election will advance the hospitality industry's legislative agenda.

Strength in numbers

Owners and operators in the hospitality industry have one of the largest political action committees in the state because industry members understand how important it is to back candidates for office who will work to create a climate for private enterprise to succeed in Oregon. ORLAPAC endorsed candidates don't think it is enough that the hospitality industry survives in Oregon, our candidates understand that when the hospitality industry is growing, Oregon is growing and when our industry succeeds, Oregon succeeds.

Defending the hospitality industry everyday is what we do best

ORLAPAC is the only PAC that fights exclusively for hospitality interests in Salem. But we can't do it without you. Your contribution allows ORLAPAC to remain one of the largest, most strategically effective political action committees in the state. You can remain confident that your contribution to ORLAPAC will be one of the strongest political investments you will make in the future of your business.

Lawmakers accomplish task of redrawing legislative boundaries

For the first time in 30 years, Oregon legislators were successful in realigning state and congressional political districts to reflect Oregon’s changing population. Working together across party lines, a small group of legislators drafted and passed a plan for redistricting that did not involve the Secretary of State or the Oregon court system. Read more.

Support Opportunities

Each year the Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association holds events to support your exclusive hospitality industry PAC! Your participation in these events is critical in supporting the PAC and investing in the industry.


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