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Info on Travel Intermediaries Tax Remittance

Oregon Department of Revenue released information on state lodging tax (HB 2656) and how travel intermediaries fit into the overall picture. The FAQ defines lodging intermediaries, how to remit lodging tax, who's responsible for the tax, and more.

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Protecting Tourism Money During Budget Crisis

As counties look to find money to scrape by during the tough economic times, some are targeting tourism dollars to supplement their budget restraints. While ORLA understands that this is an issue of funding various county services, counties must not lose sight of tourism’s vitality to the future of their economies.

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Film & Video Tax Incentives Result in Win-Win for Economy

We, like most in the lodging industry, benefit from business travel, conferences and events, and tourism. When a film or television company makes the decision to produce their production in Oregon, they are often making the decision to spend millions of dollars throughout our state, and there is no doubt that a significant amount of that money coming into our state gets spent on the restaurant and lodging industry.

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