Protect Your Employees, Business from the Fastest Growing Crime in America - Sex Trafficking

Guardian Group is a veteran-operated non-profit organization which has developed hospitality industry specific training focused on limiting financial, social and legal risk and liability of a hotel’s involvement with sex trafficking.

While hotels are not causing sexual exploitation, they have unfortunately become the major point-of-transaction for commercial sex trafficking in America. By adopting this training, your company is demonstrating its strong opposition to sex trafficking.

Utilizing our special operations forces military background we’ve developed industry-specific training that is interactive, engaging, scalable, relevant and effective. This training is a comprehensive approach which includes input from hospitality industry professionals, local, regional and national law enforcement agencies and a proprietary system to report suspected incidents. Once a business implements and completes the Guardian Seal training the business is awarded the Guardian Seal, a recognizable symbol of an organization that is proactively combating sex trafficking.

ORLA Member Benefits Include:
  • 10% discount on in-person training by a member of Guardian Group’s staff.
  • Discount on the Guardian Seal Virtual Training program.
  • Industry, location, customer and employee specific training.
  • Access to a proprietary reporting system to view training progress, reporting activity and more.
Hotel owners, management and staff may face legal liability for not delivering The Duty of Care and abetting these crimes if they have not received adequate training. There is an increasing focus to approve legislation requiring companies to disclose their anti-trafficking policies and activities. This already exists in many states and will become federal legislation soon which is why Guardian Group created training to protect your employees, your business and your customers.
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