Maximize Your Exposure Through ORLA's Targeted Advertising

You can place your product, service or company message directly in front of targeted audiences that meet your promotional requirements or communications goals.

Your targeted advertising goes out to decision makers, influentials and those with purchasing power in the foodservice and lodging industry. Your brand message can also reach those with regulatory/legislative and issue-oriented interest. No matter what your audience, we have the channel to reach your prospects and maximize your exposure.

If you're looking to grow your business or highlight your company, product or service, we have multiple advertising options to expand your awareness among Oregon hospitality industry operators.

  • Main Ingredient – this is the bimonthly foodservice publication mailed to every one of the owner/operators of Oregon's foodservice establishments (more than 10,000).
  • Lodging News – this is the bimonthly lodging publication mailed to every one of the owner/operators in Oregon's lodging industry (more than 3,000). 
  • ORLA Insider – this monthly e-newsletter highlights what's happening within the foodservice and lodging industry, and is sent to all opt-in ORLA members (close to 3,000).
  • Confidential Bulletin (pdf) – this quarterly e-newsletter focuses on legislative and regulatory issues, and is forwarded to chief decision makers setting industry policy.
  • Lottery News (pdf) – this quarterly newsletter focuses on lottery-related issues, and is forwarded to all lottery retailers in Oregon (more than 4,000).

ORLA provides for frequency and reach to place your marketing or other communications messages directly into the hands of —or onto the screen of—industry leaders who you're seeking to reach.

For full details about taking advantage of these valuable promotional and communications tools, contact Advertising Executive, Zack Williamson, at 503.445.2234.