Lodging News - April / May 2016

Marketing for Max Impact

Marketing for Maximum Impact

With growing competition for travelers’ business, turning off the vacancy light has never been more challenging for many small lodging operators. Let’s face it ‒ buying full page ads in Condé Nast or commercials on the Travel Channel just isn’t realistic for a meager marketing budget. 

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Create a Social Media Strategy on a Shoestring

Social Media Strategy

The first “social media” campaign I worked in early 1998 involved creating and distributing ‘viral’ videos featuring popular Hasbro toys. Back then, YouTube didn’t exist, and there was no easy way to share videos, so we just forwarded them as attachments in email to influencers. 

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Oregon Legislative Report

Legislative Report

The Legislature concluded on March 3rd, ending a short but very hostile session. Even the people successfully passing bills are unhappy.

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Marijuana in Your Facility


On November 4, 2014, Oregon voters passed Ballot Measure 91 (now codified at ORS Chapter 475B), which legalized the possession, use, and sale of recreational marijuana. 

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Employer Mandate Reporting

Mandated Reporting

With the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in full swing, we’ve heard from many business owners who aren’t sure what their responsibilities are and where to begin. One of the biggest areas of confusion is the employer mandate reporting that begins this year. 

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