Lodging News - April/May 2014

Seven Feathers

Training Future Hospitality Leaders

The hospitality and tourism industry is projected to add 1.7 million new jobs through 2020. It’s clear that a well-trained workforce will be required. So industry leaders and property managers are examining the role of professional development, training and education—both in the classroom and the lobby—to determine if the future workforce is prepared for the impending demand.

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The Social Age Evolutionary Workplace

Social Age Evolutionary

Technology and globalization have dramatically changed the way we work over the last 20 - 30 years. However, very little has changed in how we hire and manage staff – which has led to low employee engagement and productivity and high employee turnover.

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Don’t Hire a Lawsuit

Dont Hire a Lawsuit

Employers are always on the lookout for new talent. At times, the best talent may be working for a competitor, and employers are often tempted to hire top managers and salespeople even if there are some risks.

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Government Affairs: 2014 Session Report

Session Report

The 2014 short legislative session has now come to a close, and to be direct, very little was accomplished. Some lawmakers are talking about going back to voters to see if they want to continue the annual sessions, given the fact that only a few policy items were actually addressed.

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From the Front Desk: Updates from ORLA’s Healthcare Center

Front Desk Heathcare

It’s not surprising Oregon businesses might be a little confused about what they need to do when it comes to providing healthcare coverage. New definitions, extended deadlines, and a troubled health exchange have all added to changes unfolding in the health insurance system.

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