Lodging News - August-September 2013

ORLA Legislative Report

Despite the usual political games, grand bargaining, vote trading and vote switching, the leadership never managed to negotiate a reasonable bargain in order to pass PERS reform or create a revenue package that could benefit the state. Although we had several good bills pass, the majority of our time was spent playing defense against an excess of bills attacking the industry.

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Healthcare Conundrum: Industry Can't Afford to Ignore the ACA

Healthcare conundrum

For better or worse and richer or poorer (depending on how you make your living), when the Affordable Care Act (ACA) finally goes into effect, it will require individuals to have “Minimum Essential Coverage” or be subject to penalties. Although “until death do us part” doesn’t necessarily factor into the rule book, the ACA could prove a bitter pill to swallow for a broad swath of Oregon businesses and families. Fortunately, that painful prescription for major change has been postponed.

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Do Your Employees Have Health Insurance?

Employees have health insurance

In 2006, Samantha Irwin left her job after 13 years as a middle school teacher. With no prior experience in the lodging industry, she and her husband Jeff Irwin purchased the 18-room Balch Hotel in Dufur, Oregon, opening for business the following year. They work hard to meet their employees’ needs and strive to have a good relationship with each of them, offering competitive wages and flexible hours. But there is one thing they don’t provide — health insurance.

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Employer Reporting, Penalties Delayed

Employer reporting

In a major victory for employers who have been struggling to understand and figure out how to implement the 2010 healthcare law, the Treasury Department announced on July 2nd that it has delayed by a year the law’s mandate that requires “large employers” to report to the IRS whether they offered their full-time employees and their dependents healthcare coverage in 2014.

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