Lodging News - February 2013

Dave Norstedt

Digital Marketing

Driftwood is scattered about the beach at the foot of the Stephanie Inn. It’s the kind of getaway that your mind wanders to in day dreams, an escape that draws rave reviews on sites like TripAdvisor. Yet savvy executives like Dave Norstedt of Martin Hospitality are well aware that they can’t leave promotion of their properties to chance testimonials or customers might drift to the competition.

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Deal or No Deal?

Daily Deals

Daily deal (or “flash sale” sites) like Groupon and LivingSocial are quite popular as they provide slashed rates and an easy method for getting heads in beds. Unfortunately, these channels may not provide the benefits they seem to, and they pose a number of legal and practical risks that may make them even less attractive.

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Mobile + Social

Mobile Social

Industry leaders said it was the year of mobile in 2011, but it was 2012 where we saw mobile truly shine. If your property does not have a dedicated mobile and social media strategy it is time to start your planning. This year we are going to experience even more of a convergence of social and mobile in the hospitality industry.

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Protecting Tourism Dollars

Protecting Tourism Dollars

With the 2013 Legislative Session underway, Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association is already working on several issues affecting our industry, and some that threaten revenue earmarked for tourism promotion. Watch for updates on House Bill 2508, leveling the playing field on taxes paid by Online Travel Companies.

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Healthcare Update


The Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) covering healthcare has already started to affect some employers in Oregon. As of January 1, 2013, employers that issued 250 or more W-2 wage and tax statements in the prior tax year now have to report the cost of healthcare coverage on their employees' W-2 forms.

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Sick Leave Challenge

Paid Sick Leave

Supporters of paid sick leave in Portland state that 40 percent of Portland employees do not get paid sick leave benefits, which means a majority of employees already have coverage. So it’s worth repeating that a strong majority of employees are getting this benefit without a government-ordered mandate.

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Leveraging Your Brand

Leveraging your brand

For service-based businesses, not only is the customer king, but also their experience is at the foundation of your brand. You strive to deliver a positive experience with every customer interaction, but have you positioned your brand so it works as a powerful marketing tool to grow and retain business?

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