Lodging News - June 2011


Sustainable Travel: Making the Most of an Evolving Trend

In 1969, the Oregon House of Representatives failed to pass Bill 1157 – the original Bottle Bill. Grocery store owners and beverage producers foresaw nightmares – how would the bottles be collected, who would pay for the collection, would customers rebel against deposit fees and stop buying beer and soda –and used their influence to quash the legislation.

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Electrifying Oregon

When George Heathman completed his ten-story concrete, brick-faced Heathman Hotel in December 1927, Henry Ford's gasoline-powered Model A was hot off the assembly line and ready to deliver guests to Portland's latest in luxurious accommodations.

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Camera One: Oregon

When a film or television company makes the decision to produce their production in Oregon, they are often making the decision to spend millions of dollars throughout our state, and there is no doubt that a significant amount of that money coming into our state gets spent on the restaurant and lodging industry.

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Supporting Small Venues

One of the Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association bills made it to the Governor's desk for a signature at the end of May. Senate Bill (SB) 669 will allow small event venues across the state to offer advertising and sponsorship opportunities to alcohol companies.

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Going Up in Flames

A recent significant fire loss resulted from the spontaneous combustion of terry cloth towels used in a hotel restaurant. The towels had been used to clean up cooking oil in the kitchen and prep area.

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