Lodging News - June/July 2014

Tech Trends

Tech Trends Improve Guest Experience

Providing the latest and greatest technology from booking to checkout is no longer a luxury or a perk for our guests—it’s an expected and essential part of travel. From special hotel apps to mobile payment technology, hoteliers have a number of digital tools at their disposal to meet guest expectations and even boost revenue.

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Technology And Your Employees

Technology and Employees

The only constant with technology is that it is constantly changing, and employers rightfully should feel pressured to keep up with the ways technology impacts the workplace. There are a few practical lessons you can put to good use to make sure you don’t get left behind.

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Short-term Rentals

Short-term rentals

Concerns have been raised by local vacation rental home owners about Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO - third party internet platforms providing a similar service that connects their offered rentals with travelers. There are hundreds of non-compliant vacation home rentals who do not meet licensing and tax regulations.

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Industry Poll Results

Industry Poll

ORLA continually listens to industry members on issues that impact their business. The policies we advocate, support or oppose are dictated by what the industry tells us in polls like this, in-person discussions, and in our policy committee meetings.

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2014 Legislative Elections

Legislative election

As people complain about how ineffective Congress is these days, they may actually begin to praise the “do-nothing” Congress, once they see what local government entities are doing. The list includes paid sick leave ordinances in Eugene, street fees in Portland, and increased lodging taxes for public safety in Newberg.

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