Lodging News - December / January 2017

Cultivating Rural Tourism

A little less than an hour before a nighttime landing at Portland International Airport, restless passengers flip open their airplane window shades and pass the time watching small pockets of twinkling lights that break through dark bands of countryside far below.

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Election AnalysisElection analysis

It’s finally over. The election some thought would never end has ended. The question now is what does it all mean?

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Restrictive SchedulingRestrictive Scheduling

Two cities, San Francisco and Seattle, recently passed laws regarding restrictive scheduling.

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Lodging Tax “Creep”Lodging tax creep

Recently, Beaverton City Council voted to enact a new four percent lodging tax to pay for a performing center for the arts despite opposition from lodging operators, community members, and Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association (ORLA).

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Constructing the Oregon Retirement Savings Plan Retirement Savings Plan

Oregon is facing a retirement savings crisis -- and the Oregon Retirement Savings Plan will help.

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Encouraging Better PerformanceEncouraging Better Performance

Many people view annual performance reviews like an oil change or a tune-up: something you should do, but don't necessarily look forward to.

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Igniting Fire Pit SafetyFire Safety

Providing an alluring outdoor living space including a fire pit has been growing more popular in the hospitality industry.

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