Lodging News - February / March 2015

Marketing Social Video

Marketing With Social and Video

Hoteliers take heed. Rest on your laurels for long, and you risk being left in the digital dust when it comes to social media marketing. Like an outdated lobby with ages-old carpet, an underwhelming website linked to stale content on a neglected Facebook page doesn’t do much to inspire repeat visitors.

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Representing Your Brand Online in Social Media

Representing Your Brand Online

Developing and representing your brand effectively on social media is one of the most important tasks to consider when jumping into social media marketing. By doing so, you bring brand awareness and cohesiveness to your audience to build familiarity and trust.

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Oregon’s Shield Law Protects Online Reviews

Oregon Shield Law

Every hotel owner dreads negative online reviews from anonymous “guests” because they are almost impossible to combat. On the one hand, the owner can ignore them and hope that positive reviews will neutralize any disgruntled guests’ opinion by providing future guests with superior rooms and service.

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Wary Of New House Bill Proposals

Wary of Bill Proposals

The 2015 Legislative Session opened in Salem on January 12, and on day one there were 1,400 bill proposals introduced. In reviewing the first ten bills proposed in the House of Representatives, there was concern for the financial health of small businesses throughout Oregon, and a sense of what to expect for the remainder of the session.

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Paid Sick Leave: An Employer’s View

Paid Sick LeaveEmployers know that providing a strong benefits package gives them a competitive advantage, allowing them to recruit and retain top talent. Employers and employees alike may want different types of benefits; not every Oregon business is the same and not all industries can afford a uniform mandated paid sick leave.

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Industry Poll Results

Industry Poll ResultsOregon’s 2015 legislative session includes a number of bills our industry is (and should be) concerned about, especially small businesses. The policies ORLA advocates, supports or opposes are dictated by what the industry tells us in polls like this, in-person discussions, and during policy committee meetings (which are open to members).

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