Lodging News - February / March 2016

HR in Hospitality

HR in Hospitality

Let’s face it; the hospitality industry must manage customer expectations like no other business sector on the planet. That high bar makes recruiting, training, and retaining talented people, from reception to the kitchen to housekeeping, vital to operations on a mission to thrive rather than just survive.

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Hiring in 2016: What You Can’t and Should Do

Hiring in 2016

Hiring good personnel is always tricky business, but Oregon lodging facilities will want to pay particular attention to some recent changes in the law that will impact your hiring practices. 

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Training Gold-Level Service

Training Gold Service

The lodging industry continues to see tremendous growth in areas of demand and in new property development, putting the pressure on hotels to stand out from their competition.

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Governor Presents Minimum Wage Plan at Capitol

Governor Passes Minimum Wage Plan

ORLA, along with invited member panelists from our association, was on hand when Governor Brown introduced her minimum wage proposal at the Oregon Capitol. If passed during the short 35-day legislative session, the proposal would increase Oregon’s minimum wage to $13.50 statewide.

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Landlords Running Unregulated Airbnb Hotels

Are They Sharing?

A growing number of commercial landlords are using Airbnb to run unregulated hotels in major cities, a new study released by the American Hotel & Lodging Association claims and conducted by researchers at Penn State University’s School of Hospitality Management.

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RV Park Temporary Occupancy Agreements

RV Park Temp Occupancy

In 2009, the Oregon Legislature enacted ORS 90.275 as part of the Residential Landlord- tenant Act. This allows an RV park owner to enter into a three-way agreement between the resident, the park and an approved temporary occupant.

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