Lodging News - February / March 2016

No Vacancy

Steve Unger, owner of the Lion and the Rose Victorian Guest House in Portland, just wants a level playing field. We’re not talking the gridiron this afternoon. The topic is short term rentals (STRs) and their impact on everything from affordable housing to occupancy rates.

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ORLA Needs YouORLA Needs You

Your involvement truly makes a difference. At the Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association, we work to make sure the restaurant industry is well represented at meetings across all levels of government - city council, county commission and state legislature just to name a few.

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ORLA Legislative AgendaLegislative Agenda

During this 2017 Legislative Session, Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association will be focused on several key issues. As has been the case in the last several sessions, we hope to block bad legislation and promote and pass good legislation for our industry, our customers and our state.

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Anticipating a Trump Administration Anticipating the Administration

“May you live in interesting times” is an expression that has been interpreted as both a blessing and a curse. And when it comes to workplace law, developments over the past year have positioned Oregon lodging and restaurant operators for what will no doubt be considered an “interesting” 2017.

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Leading by Taking ActionLeading with Action

Last night over 40,000 hotel rooms were occupied in Oregon. Perhaps surprisingly, some of those guests arrived with bad intentions. Intentions of trafficking another person for sex.

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Six Myths of Employee EngagementEmployee Engagement

With today’s global ability to produce carbon copy technology and business models, people truly are a company’s only competitive advantage. Businesses that want to accentuate and optimize their competitive talent advantage focus on employee engagement strategies that improve overall workforce productivity and return on staffing investments.

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Are You Falling Down on the Job? Falling Down?

In a hotel operation, there are many risks that could potentially cause injuries to guests, visitors, and contractors. To better understand these risks, Liberty Mutual conducted loss analysis of more than 7,000 general liability claims.

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