Main Ingredient - August 2013

Legislative Report

ORLA Legislative Report

The 2013 Legislative Session was definitely a unique session. Despite the usual political games, grand bargaining, posturing, vote trading and vote switching, the leadership never managed to negotiate a reasonable bargain that crossed the aisle in order to pass PERS reform or create a revenue package that could benefit the state. 

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Expanding Your Customer Loyalty Program

Expanding Customer Loyalty

For many Quick Service, Fast Casual and Table Service restaurants, the first step toward implementing a loyalty program was to introduce business cards with the offer “buy 10, get the 11th free” on the back. Amazingly, for some of the larger brands, this is still the extent of their loyalty solution.

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So Many Good Reasons To Get Fresh!

Reasons to Get Fresh

Summer is the perfect time to introduce more fresh fruits and vegetables to menus, especially locally grown produce. People are thinking about warmer weather which leads to thoughts of eating healthier. From big salads to specialty drinks, there are so many opportunities to go green with sustainable choices.

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Reducing Fraud And Increasing Data Security

Reducing Fraud

Your customers expect you to keep their personal cardholder data safe – not an unreasonable expectation and merchants must take it seriously. Such protection requires merchants to make an ongoing commitment to human and monetary resources, including new technologies, stronger policies and continuous diligence.

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