Main Ingredient - December 2012

Menu mechanics

Menu Mechanics

‘Engineering’ and ‘mechanics’ are terms often associated with the wheels of progress that transport a steady flow of hospitality-dependent tourists into the northwest and ensure that the restaurant world goes round. Restaurateurs like Marcel Lahsene are masters at assembling successful menus and leverage that knowledge to build profitable foodservices businesses.

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Decode the Satisfied Customer

Satisfied customer

Is your team up to the task of decoding the satisfied customer? In order to make the most of every customer’s visit, you first must train your team to get to know your customers. They need to find out what customers want when they walk through your door and how to create a dining experience that exceeds their expectations.

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Email Tips For Restaurants

Email tips

Email still stands as one of the most effective solutions available to restaurants to target and build relationships with their loyal customers, increase sales and get the most bang for their buck. It is also one of the most affordable and easy-to-use marketing tools available, allowing you to reach out to new and existing customers, right in your store and beyond.

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Traditional print coupons have security or fraud potential, require additional auditing at  checkout and could lead to misrepresented offers if not properly explained. They are also typically expensive to print, require distribution to thousands with little to no ability to audit or apply success measurements, and as a result typically turn into more of a customer service disaster than they’re worth.

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PCI Compliance

PCI compliance

The security of cardholder information is important to both your customers and your business. In fact, since 2005, there have more than 1 billion stolen records in over 2,000 separate data breach incidents – with payment card data being the theft target in 48 percent of all breaches in 2011 alone.1 And yet, only 4 percent of all breached organizations were PCI compliant at the time of their data breach.

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Post Election Recap

Post election recap

The 2012 election cycle is in the books. As you know, President Obama was reelected for another four years at the national level. In Oregon, the only change was in the House of Representatives, which changed from a 30-30 seat tie among Republicans and Democrats, to a division of 34-26 with Democratic control.

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Under the Weather in Portland

Under the weather

Following a trend in other West Coast cities, the Portland City Council is working on passing a paid sick-days ordinance. This proposed ordinance, which is expected to be modeled after the Seattle and San Francisco ordinances currently in effect, would apply to all Portland businesses and all employees.

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