Main Ingredient - January 2011


Healthy Attitude: Making Options a Priority

Having tucked away pasta and side dishes at Romano's Macaroni Grill, the prospect of adding a little icing on the cake is tempting yet troubling. Taste buds yearning for a few bites of a luscious chocolate confection, drizzled with homemade ganache, my calorie-conscious brain is flashing SUGAR ALERT!

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$3.5 Billion Shortfall

Businesses of all sizes have endured a challenging economic and political climate in recent years.The 2010 election showcased the success that ORLAPAC could achieve when a strong business coalition worked together to elect pro-business candidates to the Oregon Legislature.

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Food Code Review

ORLA is currently participating in the Food Code Review Work Group which is tasked with adopting the 2009 FDA Federal Food Code. Every two years the FDA revises their food code and as it stands now, the State of Oregon is complying with the 1999 Federal Food Code which is reflected Oregon's Food Sanitation Rules.

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Level the Online Playing Field

Online travel companies (OTCs) typically choose to calculate state and local hotel occupancy taxes based on the wholesale cost they pay to a hotel for a room, rather than the retail price they receive from the customer. This practice results in lower taxes collected by state and local jurisdictions for rooms booked through an OTC, rather than directly with a hotel.

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One Big Night

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, March 8, 2011, for the Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association's One Big Night Dinner and Auction. We are returning this year to the venerable Portland Art Museum, and are planning a spectacular evening of amazing food and drink.

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