Main Ingredient - July 2011


Purchasing Power

Dan Durant, owner of Brothers’ Restaurant in Ashland, knows what he needs to focus on to be successful. While researching point of sale and insurance products makes good business sense, he'd rather outsource due diligence to negotiating favorable rates. Like many fellow members, he relies on ORLA Member Services to do the homework and select Endorsed Service Providers (ESPs) that provide dependable solutions.

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Swipe-Fee Reform

credit card

Foodservice and retail associations praised the U.S. Senate on Wednesday, June 8 for rejecting an amendment that had sought to delay the implementation of debit card swipe fee reform scheduled to go into effect July 21. This victory securing swipe-fee reform represents more than a year's worth of focused work by restaurateurs nationwide.

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Summertime is Here


Although you can't tell by looking outside, rumor has it that summer has officially begun. For those restaurants that rely heavily on outdoor foot traffic and patio seating, it's been a slow start to summer. Even though we've only seen glimpses of sun in the sky, establishments are starting to gear up for the summer travelers and customers.

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Get Comfortable with Technology


In a time where smart phones, applications, and digital couponing have changed the environment of the dining clientele, a relatively new service has grown in popularity with the restaurant owners, managers, and especially their staff.

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Calorie Disclosure Influencing Sales

calorie disclosure

By now you have probably read headlines announcing the FDA's release of proposed guidelines for calorie labeling in restaurants and vending machines. The law will affect all chain restaurants in the country with 20 or more locations (or approximately 250,000 restaurant locations total), and will preempt all state and local menu labeling laws.

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