Main Ingredient- June 2013

Are You Ready to Expand?

The words “drought” and “Oregon” aren’t often used in the same sentence − that is until the conversation flows into economics. Much of the restaurant industry has been in conservation mode, carefully rationing re-investment of precious profits for most of the past five years. Like an under-watered lawn, growth has been slow or dormant in most patches of the region.

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Healthcare Law: Employer Penalties

Healthcare penalties

The 2010 healthcare law subjects "applicable large employers" to possible penalties starting in 2014 if they fail to offer their employees healthcare coverage, or if the coverage they offer is not "affordable". Penalties kick in only when one or more full-time employees gets a federal subsidy to purchase a private health plan on a public exchange.

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Affordable Healthcare Act Law Requirements

Healthcare affordabiliity

Penalties for large employers under the 2010 healthcare law can kick in for a number of reasons, including in cases where the healthcare coverage a large employer offers to its full-time employees is not considered "affordable."

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Open Your Doors to Summer

Open your doors

The summer outdoor social season is upon us, and with it opportunities for restaurants to host and cater a wide variety of festive gatherings. The family celebrations you’ll witness in your dining room over the next couple of months will run the gamut in terms of occasions, generations and lifestyles.

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HB 2871 Ties Tax Compliance to State Issued Licenses

Talent Brand

From a Salem point of view, it looks like businesses and our state in general may well have been saved from a detrimental piece of legislation. As usual, there are several bills that may sound good in theory, but in reality could cause extreme consequences. One such bill this session is HB 2871.

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Paid Sick Leave and Shift Trading Amendments

Shaping Future

Proponents of paid sick leave in Oregon are taking another run at the issue, this time on the statewide level, during the closing days of the legislative session with House Bill 3390. The issue passed in the City of Portland, but it still does not need to be enacted for the entire state.

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Talent Brand = Top Talent Acquisition

HB 2871

Last week I was invited to a LinkedIn seminar by a friend of mine who works at LinkedIn. Your Talent Brand is the highly social, totally public version of your employer brand that incorporates what your talent – past, present and potential – thinks, feels and shares about your company as a place to work.

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Shaping the Future of Credit Cards

Legislative Updates PSL

As a merchant it is important to keep abreast and know where the future of credit cards is heading. It is with this in mind that we review four important trends of innovation and technological advancement in the credit card space.

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