Main Ingredient - November 2010

Retro Cocktails With a Modern Twist

It wasn't all that long ago when ingredients like bacon, pumpkin, and habanero peppers were confined to the kitchen, flavorful additions to dishes like pasta, pie, or flaming hot chili. While eagerly awaiting that entrée or dessert, patrons enjoyed a simple screwdriver, gin fizz, or martini from the bar.

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Beverage Taxes

It's no big surprise that during the upcoming 2011 Legislative Session there will be a few creative proposals to increase taxes in Oregon. With most of the country in dire straights when it comes to state budgets, the "sin" taxes have become a very popular proposal.

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Local Saké

Over the past three years Oregon has become one of the top saké markets in the United States. This is because Oregon has discovered premium saké - the cold stuff.

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Quietly percolating in the background, however, a surge of small-batch coffee roasters throughout the area is delivering a variety and depth of flavors and a profile that fits perfectly in our region's homegrown craft beverage world.

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OLCC Considers Alcohol Ad Ban

Many small-sized event venues throughout the state could soon be hit hard by a new Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) regulation.

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The Northwest Foodservice Show

Now in its 49th year, the Northwest Foodservice Show has attained its status as the definitive show for the northwest region’s restaurant and foodservice industry by providing that value.

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