Main Ingredient - October 2011

Oregon Barbecue

Oregon Barbecue

It’s no longer necessary to fly south to Texas or take a road trip to Memphis to find tantalizing tangy brisket and ribs. Smokin’ hot barbecue pits are spicing up beef, chicken, and pork from Portland to Phoenix, Oregon. Folks from Carolina may still claim to be top hog, but Oregonian pit masters are proving that good barbecue can come from anywhere much to the delight of local carnivores.

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American Barbecue: Delicious and Nutritious?

American Barbecue

Unfortunately for the restaurant industry, diners trying to watch their waistlines typically avoid most barbecue fare. Creamy coleslaw, buttery cornbread, cheesy macaroni, and generous slabs of meat are most often associated with this beloved culinary treasure. This is quite a shame, because barbecue is actually one of the easiest cuisines to modify to be healthier without sacrificing the taste or experience of the original.

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Barbecue: Getting it Done Right!

Barbecue Done Right

As American as freedom and apple pie, a well-done barbecue menu will keep customers coming back for more! BBQ gives diners an opportunity to choose how there meal is prepared - rare to very well - plus, it offers a pleasant variety of choices. With barbecue, you have both the makings of a fabulous menu and sensational seasonal fare. Here are a few grilling methods and time-tested culinary suggestions to add fuel to your ideal barbecue menu.

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Rural Jobs in Oregon Provide Prosperity

Rural Jobs

In the public arena there is a lot of talk about job creation, but how much can the public sector do in actuality to create jobs? Most analysts agree that what the government does is establish an environment for jobs, not create jobs. However, in the short term, there are two simple things the state could do to benefit the job market in rural areas of Oregon.

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Federal Labor Agencies Out of Control

Despite strong and widespread concerns from the business community, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) made announcements dramatically changing labor laws for the hospitality industry. The DOL adopted rules undoing the court case ORLA won on tip pooling. Then, the NLRB ended the summer with two rules to benefit unions and make it easier to organize at the expense of both employers and employees.

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Oregon Hospitality Industry Awards

Hospitality Awards

The annual Hospitality Industry Awards recognize industry professionals who exemplify the highest standards of service and commitment to guests, team, association, industry, and community. At this year's Convention we paid tribute to a few of these leaders.

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