Main Ingredient - September 2012

Gluten free

Is Going Gluten Free on Your Radar?

For someone with celiac disease, dining out used to be a very limiting option. Though many in the restaurant industry knew of some patrons’ intolerance to gluten, few had many menu options at their disposal, save untarnished meat and vegetables. Just a hint of the ubiquitous, sometimes airborne ingredient could result in a trip to the doctor for the severely allergic.

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Going Gluten Free

Going Gluten-free

A gluten free diet is being adopted by more and more Americans. Seemingly out of nowhere, a need to completely cut from our diets products made or processed with wheat, barley, and rye has presented itself. But what exactly is gluten and why is it suddenly bad to consume?

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Preventing Chargebacks

Preventing chargebacks

Most chargeback situations arise at the point of transaction—at the time the transaction is completed—and most can be prevented with a little training. Take consideration of these 16 tips to avoid potential chargebacks.

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A Secure Point of Sale System

Secure POS

So, you’ve made the investment of implementing a Point of Sales (POS) system, great move! Properly programmed, implemented and monitored, you can expect a minimum return on investment of 4 percent of gross sales (source: National Restaurant Association).

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Allergen Awareness

Allergen awareness

A food allergy is a specific type of reaction where the body produces an antibody to a food. Once ingested, it binds with the antibody and the person has an allergic reaction. The new food code adopted by the Oregon Health Authority adds new requirements to a restaurant’s responsibility for allergens as it relates to customers.

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2012 Ballot Measure Positions

Ballot Measure Positions

The Protect Our Salmon Act 2012 (Measure 81) would ban Columbia River commercial salmon fishing with gillnets by non-tribal persons. While ORLA recognizes the impact of sport fishing on the tourism industry, the state should not focus on the long time battle between sport and commercial fishermen.

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