Main Ingredient - September 2013

Jeff Strom

Kitchen to Corner Office

Distinctive diners and clever cafés open and close all too soon by well-intentioned chefs with ambitions bigger than their skills and resources. Then there are the restaurants opened by entrepreneur-types who have blended culinary talent with sufficient business savvy and successfully made the move from kitchen to corner office.

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Your Safety, Your Business

Food safety

Don’t be shocked by the statistic; rather be surprised that you are not doing more about it in your operation: Seven out of 10 dining consumers say they’re concerned about food safety in restaurants.

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New Programs Support Culinary Students


ORLA’s Education Foundation works closely with teachers in 42 high schools across the state that teach the ProStart curriculum. Now there's another way to help the program that won't cost you money as well as help save it.

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Why You Can’t Wait Until 2015

Why You Cant Wait

You are probably aware of the pay or play penalties and that the administration has pushed back the implementation for a year. What you may not know is that any employers looking to adjust hours as a strategy in dealing with these requirements will need to make those adjustments no later than the end of this year.

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Two Dueling Tax Proposals

Dueling Tax Proposals

I’m sure you’ve read about Governor Kitzhaber’s push to call a special session to address PERS reform. The Governor feels he needs $200 million in revenue in the short term to bridge the economic gap and prevent teacher layoffs during this budget cycle, since it is unlikely that PERS reform will really start to show savings until the following biennia.

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Controlling Costs Associated with Staffing

Controlling Costs

I have noticed some recent hot topics within industry publications with common themes around staff costs, actions and control. This got me thinking about the number of restaurant owners who just don’t look at (or don’t know about) the depth of data and reports that their POS system has to help them understand and improve their business.

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Forest Health Impacts Tourism

Forest Health

In 2009 the Federal Forest Advisory Committee (FFAC) identified a need, among others, for the State to “create a Federal Forest Liaison Program to support federal agency and local community efforts to improve forest health on federal forestlands, and to provide financial and technical resources to the local collaborative.” ORLA has been working with the FFAC for the past few years.

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