Main Ingredient - March / April 2015

Spotlight on Social Media

Spotlight on Social Media

Google the barrio in Bend, and see what you find. The list of links is peppered with social media sites, where fans openly rave about one of Central Oregon’s favorite eateries, Barrio restaurant. Those candid comments not only influence patrons to try an enticing Latin-inspired menu, but they help the Barrio’s website bubble toward the top when it comes to search engine rankings..

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Buzzing with Excitement


Internet marketing makes more sense for small business. It helps restaurants compete and tell their story. In the past, you may have spent a few thousand dollars to advertise in the local paper, or offer some coupon-clipper deal or possibly a few radio ads here and there.

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Restaurant Industry Forecast

Industry Forecast

The NRA’s comprehensive, annual outlook for and overview of the U.S. restaurant industry, the 2015 Restaurant Industry Forecast, covers national and state sales and employment forecasts, as well as workforce, segment, consumer, technology and menu trends..

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Industry Poll Results

Industry Poll

Oregon’s 2015 legislative session includes a number of bills our industry is (and should be) concerned about, especially small businesses. The policies we advocate, support or oppose are dictated by what the industry tells us in polls like this, in-person discussions, and during policy committee meetings.

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Lottery Commission Rates

Lottery Rates

The video lottery contract renewal process is now complete. Despite efforts from ORLA and the retailers in convincing Lottery commissioners that the current rates schedule was not allowing growth in the system like it could, there is not any increase in the rates.

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Advocacy Update:
Legislative Bills Could Harm Oregon Businesses

Legislative Bills

The 2015 Legislative Session opened in Salem on January 12, and on day one there were 1,400 bill proposals introduced. In reviewing the first ten bills proposed in the House of Representatives, there was concern for the financial health of small businesses throughout Oregon, and a sense of what to expect for the remainder of the session.

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Manage My Restaurant:
Eight Common Text Message Marketing Mistakes

Eight Text Mistakes

Text message marketing can be one of your most powerful marketing tools. But if used incorrectly, it could yield a low return on investment or land you in legal trouble. For example, you send a text-message incentive to a database of cell phone numbers, and customers come in to redeem the offer.

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