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The Main Ingredient (MI) is widely regarded as one of the top trade association magazines and receives high praise for its production quality. The MI is a bimonthly publication covering interesting timely topics such as: sustainability, social marketing and wine while supplying informative articles on legislative and operational issues that impact the foodservice and lodging industry.

March/ April 2017

An Industry Of Giving

Many days last year, patrons flooded Papa’s Pizza’s five locations and filled them to capacity. Although Brandon Moniz, vice president of operations, would like to attribute all the fanfare to the restaurants’ great Italian pies, the crowds often show up with ulterior motives.

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Restrictive Scheduling Update

Restrictive scheduling

As we mentioned a few months ago, restrictive scheduling has been an issue taken up recently in San Francisco and Seattle. Portland passed a scheduling ordinance in 2015 but a statewide preemption was passed in the state legislature effective until the session ends this year if no further preemption is approved.

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2017 Legislative Session Heats Up

The 79th Legislative Assembly convened on February 1, 2017. Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association is tracking hundreds of bills in the Oregon State Legislature, keeping a keen eye on potential threats to the hospitality industry that may arise during this session.

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ORLA Legislative Agenda

Legislative Agenda

During this 2017 Legislative Session, Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association will be focused on several key issues. As has been the case in the last several sessions, we hope to block bad legislation and promote and pass good legislation for our industry, our customers and our state. The following issues are what we will be concentrating on during this legislative session.

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Anticipating A Trump Administration

Anticipating Trump

May you live in interesting times” is an expression that has been interpreted as both a blessing and a curse. And when it comes to workplace law, developments over the past year have positioned Oregon lodging and restaurant operators for what will no doubt be considered an “interesting” 2017.

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A Staff of Goodwill

A Staff of Goodwill

Outside the walls of your restaurant, beyond the daily grind of operations and the soup of the day, is the community you serve. Through your restaurant’s team of waiters and cooks, bussers and cashiers, you have an ongoing connection to your community; it is like a two-way street paved with opportunities to make each side greater.

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Routine Health Inspections: What’s Your Report Telling You?

Health Inspection

Restaurant health inspections are conducted to protect the public from foodborne illness. Local laws regulate how frequently these inspections take place, and what specific items and areas the inspectors look for. 

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