Main Ingredient - September / October 2016

Succession and sale

Succession and Sale Planning

Some things in life are impossible to anticipate. Wayne Poole, the second generation owner of Pig N’ Pancake, was thrust into that bigger role running the family business when his father Bob was involved in a serious auto accident in the 1980s.

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Selling Your Restaurant?


Whether due to pursuing other business interests, tending to family obligations, moving, planning your impending retirement, or receiving an offer too good to refuse, the time may well come when you wish to sell your restaurant.

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Success Through Succession Planning


So you have created a successful restaurant. You are busy, have steady cliental, low turnover with staff, and things are clicking. A succession plan is crucial for longevity of your success and mental health.

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Ballot Initiatives

Ballot Initiatives

As of this writing, seven initiatives have enough signatures handed in to the Oregon Secretary of State’s office to qualify for the November ballot.

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New Acting Director at the Oregon Lottery

New Acting Director

Earlier this spring Oregon Governor Kate Brown appointed Barry Pack as acting director for the Oregon Lottery.

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Liquor Liability and Your Employees

Liquor Liability

One of your employees decides to stay at your establishment after his work shift and heads to the bar to unwind and chat with co-workers. One drink turns into five and before you know it, it's closing time.

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Member Pulse: Overtime

member pulse overtime

Recent changes in our country relating to overtime work are finally upon us.

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