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This timely member e-newsletter serves as an efficient way for ORLA to share the latest news, issues and activities related to the foodservice and lodging industry. With over 6,000 email contacts, the Insider reaches inboxes of restaurant and lodging members (tailored versions for each industry), tourism partners, media and policy makers on a monthly basis.

The association also produces the issue-specific Brief, Events, and Alert emails - each specific to the type of information to be disseminated (legislative issues, healthcare reform, and activities of the association).

If you are interested in receiving the Insider or other publications, please subscribe and set your preferences. To view back issues of the Insider newsletter, submit a request to Info@OregonRLA.org.

The Insider also offers online advertising opportunities. For more information, contact Marla McColly, Director of Business Development, 503.682.4422.