ORLA Needs You!

Industry Members Encouraged to Get Involved and Engage in the Issues

Your involvement truly makes a difference. At the Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association, we work to make sure the restaurant industry is well represented at meetings across all levels of government - city council, county commission and state legislature just to name a few.

But we need your help to really make a difference when it comes to blocking bad regulations and laws and fighting for good ones.  

Why is it important?
As owners and operators, you have tremendous stories to tell and real-life experiences to share. The bills and laws elected officials consider or pass can have a huge impact on your business and they need to hear about it straight from you.

How do you get involved?
It’s simple, really. Just like picking hot sauce for your chicken wings, you choose at what level you want to step up and participate. When we need you for a specific call to action, we’ll contact you.

Level One
ACTION: Write a letter to an elected official or make a personal phone call.

NOTES: This is one of the simplest ways you can get involved but an important one. As a constituent and as a business owner, your story and opinion matters to elected officials. Hearing from you directly can help change an opinion or strengthen the resolve of a good decision. We also want to make sure we thank elected officials who “get it” and help block bad laws or pass good ones.

Level Two
ACTION: Make a personal visit to an elected official.

NOTES: Making an appointment and having a face-to-face meeting with an elected official reminds them who you are, what you do and how important an issue is to you and our industry. It also helps establish a more personal relationship with him or her, hopefully making it easier the next time you need to talk about an important issue.

Level Three
ACTION: Testify before an elected body and commit to Level One and Level Two as well.

NOTES: When you are willing to take time to come to a meeting and speak before an elected group, it sends a strong message. It says the issue being discussed is important enough for you to leave your business, however temporarily, and ask that your voice be heard. It says you feel strongly about an issue and the impact it could have on your business is enough that you felt you needed to personally testify or comment on it.

We recognize not everyone feels comfortable speaking in front of a group or comfortable writing a letter, and some would rather talk to someone over the phone. However you want to contribute and get involved, just let us know. Bottom line, we need you to engage! Your time and commitment to our industry matters and we can’t do it without you.

Please consider what it might cost you if you don’t get involved and speak up. Then contact ORLA about joining opportunities to fight for the hospitality industry and your livelihood.

Email Greg Astley, director of government affairs at Astley@OregonRLA.org or call 971.224.1502 to sign up and get involved today! | Greg Astley, Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association