Seaside HS 2014 team

Past Competitions

Oregon ProStart High School Culinary Championships

High school culinary teams of four prepare a three-course gourmet meal in 60 minutes in front of a crowd using only two butane burners and without access to running water or electricity. This ProStart competition is the capstone of the two-year program, providing a public opportunity for students to showcase what they have learned. ProStart is a national career and technical education curriculum and program developed by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF).
Past State Champions:
2016: South Salem High School
2015: South Salem High School
2014: Seaside High School
2013: Seaside High School
2012: South Salem 
2011: Bend High School
2010: Bend High School
2009: South Salem High School
2008: South Salem High School
2007: Willamette High School
2006: Bend High School
2005: Yoncalla High School
2004: Willamette High School
2003: Taft High School
2002: Taft High School
2001: David Douglas High School

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